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ALWC Kidz Quest is our one-of-a-kind children’s ministry. The center focus of this ministry is our slogan “Out of this world!” Because God's Love is Out Of This World and As parents and guardians, we do not want our children to be worldly, rather we want them to be led by the Holy Spirit. Our Kidz Quest teachers and assistants are fully trained and qualified to teach the word of the Lord. Furthermore, we take safety seriously at ALWC. That is why as soon as you check your child in with their name, allergies, birthdate and contact information, you will be given a matching sticker (PIN ) with the same numbers as your child. This makes dropping off and picking up safe and hassle-free.

We welcome all children to stay with their parents for praise and worship. Then, right before preaching begins, your child will leave the sanctuary to participate in Kidz Quest where they will learn about the Bible on their level amongst other children. Each week we change the curriculum and ensure new topics are covered so that as you are growing in your faith, your child is as well. We make learning about Jesus fun & exciting ,we play games, make crafts,we provide snacks during the class and host monthly Kidz Quest Events for our children and their friends to attend.


We care about you and your children Therefore, we go to great lengths to ensure every child is safe. Upon Arrival you will check your child in with our ALWC Kidz Quest Volunteer, They will ask you your child's name, birthdate,allergies and contact information.  Each child is given a sticker with a PIN (Parent Identification Number) for check-in/out, every volunteer (18 & up) is screened and given a federal background check. Additionally, every hallway is monitored with security personnel, and because every child is unique, every teacher is made aware of all allergies, preferences, and special needs.


We strive to cultivate a clean, organized, and well-structured atmosphere Each one of our Kidz Quest classrooms are thoroughly evaluated on a weekly basis to ensure they are both child safe as well as clean. Touch Points are wiped after every service.We are committed to the overall health and wellness of our Kids -- spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Jesus knows every child's name. & We want to show kids that Jesus knows them intimately by creating a culture that allows them to be both known and loved by their peers and teachers. We are passionate about developing lasting relationships with each child who attends our program. We believe that personal connections with peers and adults alike are essential in every child's journey with Jesus. 

Having Fun

We serve a Good God! His creation shows us He has a heart that is innovative, interactive, and fun. In ALWC Kidz Quest, we strive to create an environment that leaves kids with their eyes wide in wonder and their bellies aching with laughter, because we believe that this glorifies our God.

Elementary ( Grades 1-5)

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